Dreamstime celebrated their 10 millionth image with a day long 20% discount sale for buyers and 100% commission to contributors. This brings a total of 3 microstock agencies with more than 10 million images in their own collection (so pixmac excluded). 123rf looks like it will be next in line.

In tandem with last months site updates and introduction of $1 images, Crestock relaunched themselves as "Good. Fast. Cheap" at the start of the month. Their previous price levels and site style placed them more towards the premium end of microstock.

PicScout launched a new version of their browser plug-in to help buyers find images. The new plug-in creates a sidebar which allows buyers to easily select which images on a page are available for sale.

Veer limited uploads to 50 images per week.

Shutterstock launched a new version off their contributors home page which features a map of recent sales and then real time image sales by geographic location, and new graphs plotting overall earnings and earnings from new uploads.

Just when I though that the yaymicro marketing department had fallen asleep they launched a new affiliate program, it looks very well thought out and is significantly better than their previous offering of 10 euro cents per download for togs and buyers for 5 years. The new offering is 20% for lifetime of buyers plus 5% second tier earnings from that buyers referrals. You do need to read some of the documentation to get the most, there are several handy features to get referral codes for any page, and finally! thank you yay! for being the first microstock to track the url of the referral and display it in my account. Along with 20% discounts for image buyers they also launched a promotion for bloggers (anyone with a website) to add a banner for 1 year and win.... yes you guessed it, prize of the moment, another ipad.

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Steve Gibson on Tue, 2010-12-14 02:20

I forgot to mention give free water with a tweet from MSG

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