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  • Your microstock business will reach a wall sooner or later, "not enough time". As we'll find out that does not mean working an 80 hour week, even working part-time you only have so many spare hours in the day.
  • It's an attractive idea to sell images direct to customers, but can you attract enough customers? and at microstock prices is it worthwhile?
  • Going exclusive is one of the biggest dilemmas in microstock, calculate if extra income from agency will offset the loss of multiple income streams.
  • Practicing lighting on family and friends? Sooner or later you will probably want to get serious and find a real model to work with...
  • The 10 most important rules in microstock today, unlike the biblical commandments that were written in stone these rules change...
  • There is more than one way to upload your images for sale, some methods are more time consuming than others...

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Shutterstock have announced reaching 1 billion dollars paid out to contrubutors. The figure is calculated across all sites in the shutterstock network, bigstock and offset, and includes both royalties and referral commissions.

The graph shown in their blog post immediately caught my interest - not sure why but graphs with dodgy axis always scream out at me... (this was indeed quite inconvenient when watching Al Gore on his scissor lift)

The numbers plotted out on a linear scale are shown below, a distinct slow down in payouts since 2015 is revealed.

If you're an istock contributor you will already be aware of the new Getty images "ESP" submission platform coming soon and the closure of the existing submission system at istockphoto (aka "xnet"). Somewhat annoyingly the powers that be have decided not to migrate data from the old platform; said platform has been somewhat hobbled for the past couple of months anyway, but now is an excellent time to take a look at the stats over the years before they're gone for good!

I started uploading to iStockphoto in 2003. A lot has changed - I’m not even 100% certain I wasn't still on dial up in the UK, if not I was certainly on my first cable modem with 600Kbits/s symmetric (and wow did I think that was the dogs dangalies back then...)


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