Fotolia have announced a new commission structure which will come into effect next week. The changes will reduce commission to lower non-exclusive fotolia rank contributors by around 20% (e.g. white rank commission reduced from 25% of sale to 20% of sale). Low ranking exclusive photographers fare even worse dropping from 42% to 35%.

The table below shows the new rates, (hover over the image to show the old rates). Clicking the image currently links to a page at fotolia displaying the new rates before they come into effect.

Fotolia state that the changes are due to the changing market and the need to sustain marketing efforts. "Fotolia continues to maintain photographer commissions at a significantly higher than those of our major competitors, and our increased efforts in marketing will result in an even higher velocity towards increased rankings."

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Looks Bleak

Yucel (not verified) on Wed, 2012-04-11 21:56
What's it work out to an hour... all said and done? Where is the real $ in this? Owning the site (selling picks and shovels)? Or mining (taking photos)?
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Mining Supply Shops

Steve Gibson on Wed, 2012-04-11 22:48
It's easy to think that the supply stores are making the money and the miners are working for very little. BUT, why are there not more mine stores? If it were really so profitable we'd see more companies entering the arena and making a success of microstock; currently that's not really happening, over the past 3 years I can think of only 3 new players who have actually done 'something', that's not exactly a goldrush.

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