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7 days rank?

zippyphoto (not verified) on Fri, 2008-10-31 19:40
What is the 7 day rank and overall rank about? I looked on the fotolia FAQ, they have a page about rank but it does not explain overall rank
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7 day rank and overall rank explained

Steve Gibson on Sat, 2008-11-01 08:18

The 7 days rank on fotolia is how much you earned in the past 7 days compared to all the rest of the people selling their images on fotolia. Don't confuse this rank with your 'ranking' which is the colour of the fotolia icon you have and is directly related to the number of sales you have made, it also affects the amount of commission you earn)

The overall rank and 7 days rank do not affect your comission level. No one but you can see your rank.

Example: if you earned say $25 over the past 7 days, but 3000 people earned more than in the same period then you would be ranked 3001. The overall rank is the same but compares your total earnings over all time with that of other users.

Steve Gibson Editor

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great site

leaf (not verified) on Fri, 2009-01-23 08:58
Very informative and well put together site.
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Fotolia has never been my

Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 2011-05-05 12:58
Fotolia has never been my primary site due to low sales and its user interface which is not user friendly when compered to many other agencies.
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D P (not verified) on Sat, 2011-10-01 09:17
Having registered with 8 microstock sites Fotolia was the first to be jettisoned. Reason? I can live with 20~25% acceptance on submissions, on one site it's 100% another 80% other around 25%. But less than 5%?! That is ridculous and there are a number of complaints about Fotolia limiting submissions by just rejecting everything. I mean photos that once would have earned healthy incomes with rights managed are rejected by Fotolia ~ and payouts are not great. Jumping through hoops for the price of a postage stamp is not my idea of a healthy work flow.
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Steve Gibson on Sat, 2011-10-01 21:43

There are some very nice rejected images in that free collection of theirs...

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Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 2011-12-12 14:03
Hmm.. very strange to me score 8 out of 10. My portfolio is very small - vectors - but fotolia is really far lower than other sites, almost dead. Zero views mostly for all images. [deleted], bigstock and dreamstime are super sellers - considering size of my portfolio - and there is at least numbers of views - some life going on. As for fotolia - nothing, zero views for most images. I would put 1 of 10.

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