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In the table below you can view all the referral schemes (or affiliate / rewards programs) available at a glance

Referrals are where you earn commission by sending buyers or new photographers to a microstock site

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Site Referral Scheme
123rf Yes, 15% of purchases for first year and a commission around 10% on each sale a referred photographer makes
Albumo (Fantero) Yes, 50% of first credit purchase (buyers) and 10% of referred photographer sales for 1 year
Bigstockphoto 35% of referred buyers but only the first purchase, not over the first year like some of the better sites, and just $5 for a referred photographer who uploads 75 photos or more - not one of the best value affiliate systems... Yes - 10% of purchases, within 6 months, up to $50, $5 for every 50 photos a referred photographer sells. 50% commission on all purchases by new users for 6 months, and 10% of photographers earnings for 6 months. Yes - 10% of buyers transactions and 5% of referred photographers transactions for 2 years Referred Photographers: $0.03 per subscription download, $0.05 per image uploaded max of 1000 images. Referred buyers: 15% pay-as-you go revenue (after commission), 4-10% of subscriptions
Dreamstime Yes - 10% of buyers purchases and 10% purchases from referred photographers' uploads for three years - excellent. Yes, they are still working on the reporting, 1.5% of referred buyer purchases, and purchases of referred photographers.
Fotolia 15% - 'photographer commission' on purchases of credits only, for 1 year, 20 credits if a subscription is purchased
ImageVortex Yes - Separate to the photographers area run by a third party, commission of 10% on sales for 90 days.
iStockphoto YES : Moving Goal Posts, previously only paid for recruiting a new photographer who earns at least $100, now one off $20, 20 credits or 20% of first purchase for recruiting a new buyer who purchases a minimum package in 30 days. (this offer replaces a dreadful $10 flat referral fee offered before Nov 2011) yes 20% of buyer sign-ups only Yes, 1 Euro ($1.70 approx) per sale from a referred photographer or buyer, for as long as they use the site. (no time limit on referrals)
PantherMedia Yes, 10% of sales and 10% of referred photographer earnings Yes, 15% from image sales, 10% from sales of referred photographers Yes: Buyers only 30% of first deposit Yes - 20% on sales of new subscriptions. As of 2013 no payment for photographer referrals previously $0.03 per image download from referred photographers forever.
StockFresh 10% of sales only for life (90 Day sign-up period) Yes, buyers only, 5% for 5 years Yes, 20% of earnings from referred buyers for life, 5% second tier (buyers your referee referred)
Zoonar 10% of buyers and photographers revenue for 1 year

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