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Good write up

pdtnc (not verified) on Mon, 2008-09-15 17:34
interesting to see anothers take on Mostphotos, thanks.
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No hurt to give a try

Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 2008-10-01 16:50
No hurt to give a try. I have used the fileZilla(free ftp software) to ftp upload over 4000 images in few days very easily. If I can get 2 sales a month it would beat some of my other sites. I did not see any downside yet. I will give an update when I get a sale. You may see my images at http://www.mostphotos.com/gary718. If you want to join, I would appreciate it if you put gary718 as a referral. Thanks, Gary
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Mostphoto New Version

Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 2008-11-17 14:06
Development of Mostphotos.com has almost stood still for the last few months as you may have noticed. I would just like to inform all our members why. We are currently developing Mostphotos 3.0 and we have put all development of the 2.0 platform on hold due to that. The new version of Mostphotos is a big rebuild of the site which will lead to a better and faster user experience. We will also be adding new features in the new version. One big difference will be a brand new design and logo, you can find a sample here: http://www.mostphotos.com/v3/ The new version will be up and running in the begining of next year. But we would really like your input on features we should add and things we should redo to make the site even better. So please send your suggestions to info@mostphotos.com and put "Suggestion" in the headline. Best regards Michael Lindfors Mostphotos.com

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