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Jan 2021 - Featurepics have anounced they will close their business within 6 months - This review is for reference only

This is one of the less popular sites, I have not had enough time to collect reliable review information about sales level.

Featurepics recently changed their pricing structure by 'flattening' new microstock upload prices, and allowing only authors of 'midstock' images to set their own price. Previously it was possible to set the price of all uploads. As was seen with other sites (snapvillage etc.) allowing user selected pricing leads to confusion not only amongst consumers but also with photographers who might not be used to setting a price for their work or how to value it appropriately.

The commission set-up is very good, you take 50% of the selling price, 60% and 70% options available for premium 'midstock' images. A standard image is USD $5 (for our typical 1200x1600), not the best value for the buyer (lower resolution available from $1), but a great commission for the photographer.




The year to November 2016 see a handful of sales for me earning just a few of dollars (and its been that way for several years) Featurepics is a "site I'm keeping my eye on", but things are not moving very quickly. An update of the site a couple of years ago some commitment from the featurepics team to develop their business but not much else seems to be happening

Site Details
Media Types (in addition to RF Images): 
This site accepts vector illustrations
(sort by agency)
Real US$ Cost of 1 Standard Image: 
3 (compare prices)
Referral Scheme: 
Yes, they are still working on the reporting, 1.5% of referred buyer purchases, and purchases of referred photographers. (compare rates)
Cost of a standard image (1600x1200) 2MP approx: 
3 Credits
Royalty Rate: 
50% Since 30/Jun/2009 (Changed from 70%) (compare)
Cost of 1 Credit (basic): 
$ 1
FTP Upload: 

Address: ftp://ftp.featurepics.com
Username: FeaturePicsFTP
See site for password and unique user upload directory.

Site Statistics
Approx. size of photo collection (0 = no current estimate): 
580,000 Images (compare)
Alexa Traffic Rank: 
166591 (a measure of the site popularity, lower number is better)
Alexa 3 Month Change: 
-28500% (measurement of the increase of site popularity compared with three months ago, negative is a decrease)
Overall Rating: 
Site Closed / Not Recommended

dabobabo's picture

..is a good site..

dabobabo (not verified) on Fri, 2009-05-22 08:49
Hi, I've worked with this agency from about 2 years..and..it works: I've made some sales at good price, they are kind and collaborative, I've got a wonderful contact with a buyer who gave me a good custom work to do.I think they are on the way to grow up..good luck anyway and thanks for their works ;D.bye
Steve Gibson's picture

so far

Steve Gibson on Sat, 2009-05-23 00:00

Well, so far I'm yet to have any sales on 260 odd images, so it's not looking too good for me, but the site is not dead, they are discussing ways to increase sales with different license options ($1 web license has been pooled)


The problem at the moment may be variable pricing which the people at snapvillage said confused customers, perhaps also some tweeks and testing of the page layout on the site to make it more focused. They do employ some good stuff like 'free blog licenses' which I think more stock sites should adopt, it's clearly not a site that should be written off just yet which is why my review is left open while I continue uploading.

Update: 6 Jul 09: They listened, variable pricing of microstock has been dropped in favour of fixed prices (see above) I've also had a couple of sales which is good news - but nothing significant yet

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