Snapvillage have launched after being off line for a short period. The site has had a (much needed) make over.

The site was previously in beta, I do not perform full reviews on beta sites, but in my previous partial review I noted a few significant  problems, mostly that the site seem to be aimed at amateurs, and had the feel of one of the 'bottom 100 microstock sites'. With microstock becoming an ever more competitive and less 'amateur' the old site was looking a little behind the times.

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Previous Review: "I'm not sure at the moment if they have got it right! It definitely appeals to the average Joe who wants to make (or thinks they can make) some cash from uploading a few holiday 'snaps' (and true indeed that is what the original concept of microstock was - except the concept has changed photography for good, and now the people who create the images that most of the major sites accept are semi-pro at the job)"

Following the update the site looks significantly more professional and no longer has the 'grab free photos from people who don't know their value' style about it. After logging in you have a series of quick access links to common functions view portfolio and contribute more images (other agencies should take note of this;  they are the two things that contributing users want to do the most when they log in).

I'm still not able to give a complete review on SnapVillage, I cannot confirm earnings at the present time, I still receive very few views on the small portfolio I have and no sales.

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